All full-time, salaried employees of eVantage are eligible for the following standard benefit package:
Medical Insurance Plan
  eVantage offers a variety of medical insurance programs to choose from. Depending on employee preferences and requirements, they can choose a suitable medical plan from AETNA and IMG.
  Employees are eligible to a vacation of up to two weeks per year.
  Employees will get eight paid holidays each Year.
Educational Assistance
  eVantage reimburses employees 50% of the tuition fee for pre-approved, business related courses. Employees are eligible after six months of employment with eVantage. Employees are also eligible for attending training sessions offered by eVantage.
Referral Fee
  eVantage offers a bonus for the consultants after 120 days for any referral resulting in a professional-level hire. Special referral bonus programs may be introduced from time-to-time.